Landing page development

Landing page is the web page, which calls its visitors to some kind of action, be it getting a quote or making a call. Landing page does not have such distractions as complex navigation, large chunks of text, animated banners or additional menus. This tool sells products 10-30% more effectively, than an average website or online store.

Successful landing page has certain features. It is created for a single purpose (sales, calls or quotes), has simple design, contains selling texts and has no distractions. These features keep the user concentrated and encourage them to make an intended action. Apart from that, amazing landing pages download fast and look excellent on all devices. GentleDevs develop landing page that meet all these requirements. These are effective, adapted to multiple devices, SEO optimized and have convenient user interface.

Landing page — an effective tool for business

If you feel like you have fallen into stagnation, your sales are not effective enough, and you lack high conversion rates — you definitely need a landing page. GentleDevs team is ready to accept the challenge and make you project a reality. With it, your business will become more successful, popular and, hence, more profitable.

Your landing site will have great design, interesting content and all calls to action necessary for your type of business. We use leading technologies to make your page look impressive and be efficient. GentleDevs increases competitiveness, clients’ loyalty, internet marketing and online sales system. At the present, website landing page is the most convenient tool for small and medium size business. It also helps in promotion of specific services of large companies.

Landing site ensures high conversion rates and requires the minimum amount of time to be developed. First of all, we conduct market analysis and SWOT analysis before the website development. Next, our team develops creative and original design, prepares authentic content, conducts SEO optimization, develops mobile version of a site and ensures promotion campaign if needed.

Professionals of GentleDevs guarantee:

High speed of development

Business orientation

Landing pages that convert customers have convenient and intuitive interface. It strengthens the customers’ desire to stay longer on a website page. Thus, they are more likely to buy something from you.

A well-developed landing page provides the minimal information with the maximal output. At this page, the user bumps into several call to actions including prepay arrangements, product purchase, or making a call. Our team makes every effort to offer the optimal page version to you. We develop the projects from scratch. We not only develop high quality web page but also analyze your business niche, to grasp the needs of your target audience, market it and support it after the launch.

With GentleDevs, you get the most efficient and high quality landing page.

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