Pозробка мобільних програм

Mobile app development and promotion

Even if your business has proven to be successful you will surely lose your clients when you don’t move with the times using mobile apps. According to the modern research, an average mobile owner uses his phone 5 hours a day. Surely everyone would want to have smartphone apps that work fast and with no bugs.

Our company vision is about quality mobile app development and great mobile app design. Here, at GentleDevs, we see how to make the dream a reality. We are aware that mobile apps potential is huge. With them, users get several opportunities they didn’t have before. First, mob apps add flexibility to everyday life so that users have access to the app regardless of their location. Even if they move from one location to another, it doesn’t affect the app performance. Second, mobile web apps are easy to use. Be it checking the daily weather forecast, restaurant reservation or route planning, phone apps make it simple. Third, phone applications provide users with new financial opportunities. Mobile app development breathes new life into modern businesses. These are Android programs that help in brand promotion, company popularization, improve sales and customer service quality.

An average mobile app quickly connects to the network and activates such useful options as geolocation, list of contacts, camera and credit card scanning.

Our mobile phone apps are:

There are several types of phone apps. These are news apps, business apps and different entertainment apps. News apps serve as an addition to news resources and media projects. These allow users to get the freshest news coverage in no time.

Business apps bring customer service to a brand new level. These programs are now reaching their peak. Business app development rapidly penetrates different markets today. Such apps help in service provision and bridge the gap between the businesses and their clients.

Mobile application development is crucial for the companies in the service industry. These include retail sales, franchising, transport, communication, tourism and many more. Clients of the service providers are the first to know about discounts, promotional campaigns and company updates from the mob apps. You can also stay in closer contact with your customers sending them push notifications (including geo notifications).

How does the process of planning and development occur?


1. I need to launch an app as soon as possible. Can you work under tight deadlines?

Absolutely! You don’t have to worry since we discuss all the deadlines in advance and always meet required deadlines. To make our conversation even more productive, we have a comfortable sofa in the office 😉

2. How much does it cost to develop an app?

Mobile app pricing depends on its type and level of complexity. We always meet our clients halfway and offer a profitable cooperation on flexible terms.

3. How can I make sure I get the best results possible?

GentleDevs is a team of professionals who do their job right. You don’t have to worry about app usability, its design and promotion. The result will surpass all your expectations. We promise 😉

4. How can I defend my idea?

We defend our customer’s intellectual property rights and sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Be sure your project is unique. Got more questions? — Call us !