Why us

GentleDevs team assembles true professionals. We have experienced web developers, web market analysts, testers, designers and copywriters who are goal oriented and love what they do.

We offer a wide range of services. We create mobile apps such as: business apps (meeting managers, organizers, calendars), mobile sites (news and information portals, online stores and catalogs), multimedia tools (audio and video players, ebook readers, photo editors), GPS-powered guides (including digital maps and route mapping) and many more. Apart from that, we develop mobile games of all genres, work with startup-projects and build landing pages. We approach each stage of development in a professional and responsible manner.

Why GentleDevs is the best choice for you

We are goal oriented and do everything we can to keep you satisfied and impressed by what you get. Mobile apps, landing pages, startup projects and mobile games that we develop meet all the requirements. They work for your company 24/7 and bring substantial profit.

You are in control of the development process. We agree on terms and conditions in contract. You know how the development process will look like. Furthermore, we move further only after your approval. GentleDevs company is fully responsible for the quality of services, applied solutions and does everything to justify your trust.

With GentleDevs, there are no boundaries for your imagination. We develop mobile apps, games, landing pages and startups for any type of business. All we need from you is the task, all you get from us is a high quality development.

GentleDevs team creates unique projects putting all efforts and experience into it. Just watch our portfolio here. .

GentleDevs is always ready to suggest the most appropriate, available, creative and great solutions for you.